Hats off to the people of Pakistan.

Hats off to the people of Pakistan.

By Syed Abid Gillani

Standing on the debris of rumours, uncertainty, fears and suspicions Mian Nawaz Sharif has taken oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for record third time with which the staggering and tottering democracy also got some rhythm in its journey toward maturity.

The country has also achieved another fete as for the first time in the country chequered political history a smooth transition of power has been made from one democratically elected government to another and it is generally hoped that culture would grow in future.

On the culmination of the mandated five years term of Pakistan People’s Party led coalition government the clouds of pessimism had engulfed everything, especially due general despondency and dejection of public at large over the performance of the coalition government which fell far shot of their expectations the fate and future of democracy in the country seemed even bleak.

The naked threats from militants to contestants and general public, warning them to stay away from the whole exercise of electoral process and deteriorating law and order situation in Khyber-Pakhtunkhaw, Baclochistan and the port city of Karachi, which turned even worse during the elections campaign, made the chances of holding the elections and then transfer of power to the new government even more bleak.

The media, particularly electronic channels, were also swayed away by this panic wave and wittingly or unwittingly played in the hands of anti-democratic forces or elements who wanted to sabotage this democratic process for their own vested interests.

Some of the columnists and television anchors are still harping on the same tune and have started giving dates of winding up of the democratic governments, yet to be fully operational. While sitting away from Pakistan in Scandinavia for the last one month I feel this is the responsibility of those opinion makers who are well versed with deep insight of country to come up with strong realistic-cum optimistic approach for future of our motherland and counter those sadists elements who are spreading pessimism particularly in Pakistani Diaspora. Millions of overseas Pakistanis get their major part of information through electronic media where one could find hardly something which give hope to the people live here but love their motherland. Future of Pakistan is not as bleak as being portrayed by this sadist element in ranks and fold media both print and electronic.

Hats off to the people of Pakistan who stood test of time and despite all the odds stand committed to the democracy and come out even with more might to play their due role in the electoral process and made all the analysts and experts wrong that turn out in the elections would slip down due to precarious law and order situation.

Similarly, the politicians have also shown maturity and established by their acts that they are grown up and fully capable to nurture the plant of democracy which could not take roots over the past 65 years partly due to their own follies.

Although there are some follies on part of the Election Commission of Pakistan and big question marks on the procedure of the elections but by and large the Election Commission of Pakistan had done a marvellous job and the people at the helms of affairs in the Election Commission are forthcoming to listen about the flaws in the process and are making serious efforts to ratify things where possible.

But it could be said for sure that the next general elections would be much more transparent and trustworthy, and lets move ahead like great nations as in nations life one or two elections do not matter.

The demeanour of Mian Nawaz Sharif after getting majority both in Punjab and in centre is so far commendable and it seemed that time and exile had taught him great lesson, and his benevolence toward the deprived and dejected Baloch nationalists by offering them the priced slots in the province despite being in majority and his cautious ” NO” to the trap laid by Moulana Fazlur Rehman to rope him in the dirty power politics in Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa clearly depicted that he is in no mood to repeat the same mistakes which led to his ouster in 1999.

His selection of small cabinet and relatively clean persons, implementation of Charter of Democracy he had signed with Motherma Benazir Bhutto when both of them were in exile, also showed that this time Mian Nawaz Sharif really mean business and in the presence of another right-wing rising political force Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf, which had formed government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhaw, would act as catalyst and would push him and not let him sit idle as he had rightly put in his maiden speech in the National Assembly soon after his election as Leader of House, ‘ I will not sit idle and not let by cabinet colleague and will leave no stone unturned in service of masses.”

Now the democratically elected governments in Centre and all the four provinces are in place with PML-N having independent governments in Centre and in the Punjab while they have coalition government with nationalist parties in Balochistan where for the first time in the country’s history a non-tribal chieftain Chief Minister has been installed and that too with voice vote by all the political elements in the provincial assembly.

Sindh remained the stronghold of Pakistan People’s Party despite their complete rout in rest of the three provinces while in Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa the emerging political power in the country Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf is in power in coalition with some old political forces of the province.

Now there is an atmosphere of competition between the three political forces—Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf and the last general elections had proved that those who had disappointed the people and misused the public mandate the people of Pakistan had thrown them out of power politics and now these parties are left with no choice but to deliver to see the fate like the ones who had breached and disgraced the public mandate.

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  1. Maktoob-e-Denmark…, good to see your article

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