PTI electoral alliance with AML!

The supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf are yet to reconcile with the influx of scores of Martial Law-tainted politicians in the party in the name of elect-able when Chairman of the party Imran Khan, icon of change, decided to embrace Awami Muslim League into electoral alliance, the move not digested even by large number of party leaders.

Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf hit the limelight after its historic Lahore rally, which brought it from nowhere to one of the main stakeholders in the national politics, and as analyzed by the political analysts it was all because the electorate wanted change and considered Imran Khan as icon of change with plus advantage of not being tested before.

PTI has rightly found its stronghold in youth, most of whom are going to join the electoral process for the first time in their life in the upcoming general elections, but if disenchanted they would drift away from Imran Khan with double the speed with which they have joined him in a short span of time.

Initially, when Imran Khan had taken herd of politicians with murky career in the name of elect-able to stud his party with some big names the move not went well with its supporters, mainly youth, who rallied round him for change and to rid the country from the shackles of corruption littered forces of status quo.

But the matter was somehow settled as Imran Khan and his close confederates appeased the youth by convincing them that they would not close their doors to the new comers and all those who were joining them would have to follow the manifesto and dictates of the party.

To further solace the curious youth, which was perturbed over the situation, the PTI high command had disbanded all the offices except Insaf Student Federation (ISF) and announced holding of party elections on September 5 so that the true and genuine leaders should emerge from within the ranks of party to fill the party slots.

But the Imran Khan’s decision to enter into electoral alliance with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad’s Awami Muslim League fell like lightening on PTI’s supporters particularly youth, who saw panacea in the person of Imran Khan.

Some party leaders sharing the anger and anguish shown by the party supporters could be judged from the fact that almost majority of the office bearers of PTI belonging Insaf Student Federation (ISF) from Rawalpindi have tendered their resignation to the party high command and even the PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rasheed has conveyed to Imran Khan that in case of alliance with Awami Muslim League he would quit his office and would become dormant in the party.

Majority of the party leaders even Justice (retd) Wajheeuddin Ahmad has expressed serious reservations over the move and the displeasure from within the party and the expected fallout of the move is conveyed to Imran Khan.

The reaction from within the party was so strong that Imran Khan, according to some insiders, has decided to review his decision and now his appearance in the public gathering of Awami Muslim League in Rawalpindi no announcement of electoral alliance of PTI with AML is expected.

Political analysts commenting on the expected move said that the alliance with Awami Muslim League, with very limited political influence (just in two National Assembly constituencies NA-55 and NA-56), PTI would be getting any major political boost while on the other hand with the support of PTI Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, who had lost the past three elections from these two constituencies would be reaping on the popularity of PTI and could even manage to win one or both the seats. But again who knows after winning the seats with the support of PTI he would stay loyal to them or not.

While on the other hand the boarding of PTI’s bandwagon by Martial Law-tainted and agencies stamped Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad would make PTI suspicious as well and it would become extremely difficult for PTI to make the common voters believe that they stand for ‘change’ and would rid the people from the shackles of status quo.

Syed Abid Gillani






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