Mend or mind your language Mr. President

Mend or mind your language Mr. President           By Syed Abid Gillani

Making it a do or die situation President Asif Ali Zardari has finally taken off the mask of reconciliation and came up with barbs on his tongue against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and that too sitting in Lahore the capital of Punjab and hometown of Sharifs.

Actually, the tirade of criticism against political opponents and apex judiciary, was unleashed by President Zardari, who is also Co-Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party at Ghari Khuda Bux, while addressing the huge public gathering in connection with the death anniversary of founding chairman of PPP Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in wee hours of April 4.

Perhaps, President Zardari is mentally prepared to rock his government by going head on with apex judiciary with the aim to win over the public sympathies by portraying themselves as victim at the hands of what they termed the partisan role of apex judiciary which is hell bent to penalize their leadership on one hand while keeping mum on other cases like Asghar Khan petition and revisit to Bhutto case. But whether Mr Zardari and Mr. Gilani’s duo would succeed or not in carving out the scenario of their choice on the political horizon of the country, and that too in the face of unprecedented judicial restraint adopted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a series of cases against the government, which is under a constant spotlight of vigilant media, is different story. Anyhow the rulers are seemed prepared for the big gamble, which would most likely go against the game plan envisaged by the rulers and could even derail the train of democracy from the track, feared some of the political analysts and social scientists who are closely watching the developments taking place in the arena of national politics.

Both Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had taken a same line to doubt rather berate the independence of the judiciary which according to them was hell bent to screw the incumbent government and said that they would live in the annals of history the way Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had done.

Political analysts are of the view that this negation of the superior judiciary was a well-thought-out plan of the PPP in the face of imminent conviction of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani in the Contempt of Court case pending against him in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. They would most likely try to play with the public sentiments in case Premier Gilani convicted by the apex court, which seemed imminent keeping in view the demeanor of the Prime Minister and his counsel in their public speeches over the past month or so.

Political analysts saw all these moves on part of PPP as launch of the election campaign by the PPP leaders for general elections and all these moves are mainly aimed at turning the tide of public sentiments in their favour.

Later, after landing in Lahore President Asif Ali Zardari’s tone become harsher against his main political rivals Sharif brothers and all what he uttered against them calling them ‘refugees’ and a number of other substandard and abusive things, which surely be dubbed as blow the belt hits, PPP Co-Chairman was actually giving boost to his party’s dwindling support in the masses of Punjab who were all offended with the rulers for their failure to resolve their basic problems and doing something good for them.

But this need-based criticism has exposed the real face of President Asif Ali Zardari, who had taken shelter behind the politics of consensus and reconciliation for four long years and used to blame PML-N for flouting the ‘Charter of Democracy’ signed by the leadership of two major political parties in the country.

This squabbling among the political forces was disenchanting the general masses from the democracy and in such circumstances the forces of status quo, who did not want to see the democratic order take roots in the country, push the country in the darkness of dictatorial rule to the disadvantage of the poor nation, suffering since the creation of the motherland.

The country is passing through a very critical phase, where there is unrest and anarchy like situation in most part of the country, the relations with United States at all time low and the enemies of the state out to take advantage of both internal and external weaknesses. In these precarious circumstances the duty of politicians, especially those holding the reins of power, increases many fold and instead of indulging in the small battles of egos they should rise tall to serve the cause of the country and the nation and show to the whole world that the political elite of Pakistan is mature enough to tackle the difficult problems with consensus be it the internal troubles like the one confronting the government in Balochistan and Karachi or the unanimous stand of the politician on future relations with United States and restoration of NATO supply routes.

Wounds of words are much deeper and painful than the wounds of weapons, and barbs being traded by both PPP and PML-N leaders are causing irreparable damage to the political process, which would unlikely to heal soon. In these circumstances the perils of landing of the bandwagon of the democracy into pitch darkness of dictatorship increases many fold. The gravity of situation demands of the incumbent political dispensation, sitting on both sides of aisle, to rise above their personal rivalries and egos and join hands for doing some collective good for the people of Pakistan.


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