Some are wise, some are otherwise.

The Federal Law Minister Moula Bux Chandio’s resignation saga depicted the frustration as well as division in the Pakistan People’s Party ranks over the handling of the government-judiciary standoff with hawks in the wings of Presidential Camp intending onslaught on superior judiciary while the doves, mostly rallying round the Prime Minister, looking for some middle course to let the ball of democracy rolling.
Initially, on the direction of President Asif Ali Zardari Moula Bux Chandio had tendered his resignation to pave the way for Dr. Babar Awan to step in as Federal Law Minister ostensibly to give response to the apex judiciary, which had suspended his license.
But before the things went out of control some saner elements in the party prevailed over the situation and made President Asif Ali Zardari realize that it was not the right way and unbecoming of the status of President of Pakistan to react against the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision in such a fashion.
After a little argument President Asif Ali Zardari submitted to the argument by senior party leaders that this act on his part would add fuel to the fire and work as catalyst in accelerating tension with judiciary. 
To his utter embarrassment Moula Bux Chandio, who kept mum on the news of his resignation for quite some time but was directed by the Prime Minister to come on record to reject the news of his resignation when he was sitting in the Upper House of the Parliament, where moments before the Leader of House Senator Nayyar Bokhari had requested the chair to defer the bill to be tabled by the Federal Law Minister as he had tendered resignation.
Political observers said that the Moula Bux Chandio’s resignation saga had exposed the divide within the ranks of the Pakistan People’s Party, as the people surrounding the President Asif Ali Zardari are of the opinion that they should not submit to the superior judiciary come what may, even if it costs them their rule.
It was in this backdrop that President Asif Ali Zardari had categorically said that they would not permit the trial of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s grave by writing letter to the Swiss authorities just to exploit the public sentiments. This posture was adopted with the aim that in case they would fall in fighting with superior judiciary they would try to become political “martyrs” and attempt to give boost to their public image which is an all time low right now.
But on the other hand Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and a large number of party loyalists and veterans have different point of view and wanted to adopt a conciliatory course and to avoid clash between the state organs which would certainly derail the incumbent political dispensation to the disadvantage of all.
The doves in the party right now prevailed and managed to lower the rising temperature and the appointment of Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan as Prime Minister’s counsel to deal with the contempt of court notice in the apex court on Thursday (Jan. 19) would steer the things out of troubled waters.
So, it is safely said that government would not adopt any hostile posture in the Supreme Court when it appear before the apex court Thursday (Jan. 19) and would take shield behind Article 248 of the 1973 constitution which provided immunity to President of Pakistan any sort of criminal proceedings against till the time he is in office. As it is the only honourable way out for Prime Minister to evade contempt proceedings against him otherwise he has to tender unconditional apology to the court to save his skin.
The situation right now is on tenterhook and any wrong move could shatter all the efforts to normalize the things vis-à-vis government-judiciary standoff like situation, so the Prime Minister should become extra cautious in handling the situation and should keep the hawks in the party away from the whole affair.


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