Where rests the responsibility of Hashmi’s flight

Where rests the responsibility of Hashmi’s flight

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Though on the face of it Makhdoom Javid Hashmi’s decision to break over two decades relations with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) seemed as emotions-driven, but those who know about the edgy relationsof Hashmi with Mian brothers saw the decision as well calculated and well thought out.

Though the triggering point of his breakup with the party was stated to be the refusal of party ticket for his son-in-law on the National Assembly seat vacated by Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi(NA-148) but the checkered history of relations between Makhdoom Javid Hashmi and Mian brothers date back to year 2001 when Mian Nawaz Sharif along with his family members and servants went into exile to Saudi Arabia under some clandestine deal with the then Military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

Makhdoom Javid Hashmi was not happy with the decision of Mian brothers and he wanted them to stay back in the country instead of going into exile to confront the dictator and to struggle for the restoration of the democratic order.

The defiant Hashmi was put behind the bars on charges of distributing pamphlets against Pakistan Army among the Parliamentarians.

After remaining behind the bars for defying the military dictator when Makhdoom Javid Hashmi was released some of his own party leaders who were afraid of his growing popularity succeeded in sowing the seed of mistrust against him in the hearts of Mian brothers by dubbing him as a man who was playing as linchpin for Establishment to highjack the party.

In the follow up events Mian brothers attempted to cut the towering political stature of Makhdoom Javid Hashmi and it was in the backdrop of that desire that Makhdoom Javid Hashmi was fielded to contest 2008 general elections on four National Assembly seats.Mian Nawaz Sharif deliberately avoided to come to any of these four constituencies but Makhdoom Javid Hashmi won three out of four seats further enhancing his political image.

Later, at the time of vacation of two seats Hashmi again took his independent decision in defiance to Mian Nawaz Sharif’s dictates who wanted him to retain the Rawalpindi city seat from where he had defeated Sh. Rashid Ahmad.

As the time passed on each passing event right from his refusal of Hashmi to join Federal Cabinet and to take oath from the then President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, drifted him away from the party and its leadership.

It is also true that there was no serious effort on part of either side to weed out the plant sprouted from the seed of mistrust and let it grow into a big tree over the period and finally resulted into the break up of decades old relations, ostensibly, to the disadvantage of both. But here too, the responsibility to keep Makhdoom Javid Hashmi in the party mainly rests with Mian Nawaz Sharif who has deliberately let him go.

Right from the controversy of sidetracking of Mian brothers from extending support to Makhdoom Javid Hashmi after fielding him on four National Assembly seats to depriving him the slot of Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and later keeping him out of the key decision-making core committee of the party, Makhdoom Javid Hashmi was virtually made a political pariah, so providing him little choice but to move out with honour and dignity, which he finally did.

Although the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had downplayed his quitting of the party but political observers and analysts are terming it a major blow to the party and anticipate more aftershocks in days to come as many other party leaders who are not happy with the demeanour of the party leadership with them could follow the suit.

Political observers were of the view that instead of downplaying the departure of Makhdoom Javid Hashmi from the party, which would no doubt be a big blow to the party particularly in southern Punjab, party leadership should sit together and review the follies on its part, which has forced the Makhdoom, who has earned the titles of ‘brave man’ and ‘rebel’ by his unflinching and resilient stand against dictatorship, to bow out from the party to which he had given his prime.

The unceremonious and abrupt exit of Makhdoom Javid Hashmi from the party and the way he was mocked by his own party leaders is also abhor-able, as the man of his (Hashmi) stature at least demand decency on part of his former colleagues with whom he had spent many a years in thick and thin.

It is high time for Mian Sahib for soul searching and to look into the reasons behind the departure of veteran like Makhdoom Javid Hashmi from the party, and must hold the long tongues of his brainless party leaders like Capt. Safdar and Rana Sanaullah who are leveling wild and below dignity allegations on the person of Makhdoom Javid Hashmi, whose impeccable political career is crystal clear to all.


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